Your brand is more than a name. Or a logo.  Your brand is your personality, your character and your promise to the consumer. Your brand is your face, your heart and your soul in the marketplace. Your brand is who you are as a company. And each time a consumer sees, hears or touches your brand, you are leaving them with an impression.

These brand touch points happen on TV, in magazines and anywhere consumers see your ads. But they also happen on the display shelves in your store, or through a voice on the phone or wherever else you and consumer meet. This complex relationship has to be managed at every point of contact. So that your brand values stay consistent. And so that the value of your brand is enhanced, not just by the quality of product or service, but also by the emotional tie the consumer feels to the brand itself.

At Herz Brand Interface, we not only bring added value to your brand, we enhance it at every touch point. The result: A brand consumers covet more, and pay more to own.

Over the years, working with clients in various disciplines, we have developed a number of models and work methods to fit different needs.

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